The Idol of Perversity 1891

The Idol of Perversity 1891

The Idol of Perversity

Delville, for me, exudes the early 20th century unlike any other artist; and, incredibly, he began to do so from the anachronistic perch of the 19th. But it’s not just a representation of a zeitgeist, presaged or not, that makes Delville great, but its his absolutely unique style that I could only define as one of hyper-sensuality (he was a Theosophist, though I never understood by that group was so lascivious in their arts). And it should go without saying that Delville died unappreciated, and has only recently undergone a revival, reevaluation, recognition or whatever you’d like to call the perverse act of recognizing an artist after the comfort of a half-century’s repose, at which time an artist’s corpse can hardly restrain its excitement from all of the accolades.